How to Stay Organized When Looking For Work


Looking for work is a process that requires focus, perseverance, and organization. No matter how long you’ve been on the job hunt, you must continue working toward your goal of finding a job with tenacity. But, after writing what seems like hundreds of unique cover letters for every position and signing up for numerous job search sites, your desktop and online history might seem like a cluttered mess.

You must be ready at a moment’s notice when looking for work since opportunity can strike at any moment. Here are a few tips to help you stay organized when looking for work so that you can keep your eye on the prize.

Create a file for all of your application materials. Keep all of your resumes, cover letters, and work samples in one place while you are looking for work so that you can easily find and forward them to hiring managers and recruiters. Save the file on your desktop for easy access and be sure to deleted outdated files–or set up a Google Drive account in order to access important documents from anywhere. Aside from your work portfolio contents, anything that’s more than six months old can be trashed!

Keep track of all your outgoing apps. Create a spreadsheet where you keep track of job applications you have submitted (and are still working on). Using Excel or Numbers, make a document where you include a link to the job post, contact information, and login information (if you applied through a job portal). Note the date you applied and revisit this document continuously to update the status of each job lead. Dedicate one sheet of this document to tracking your login IDs and passwords for the various job sites you belong to.

Have a dedicated job search email account. Whether you create a new email address that’s solely used to communicate with potential employers, or use one you already have, is up to you. Just be sure that all of your emails are being sent from the same place — that way you don’t have responses trickling into numerous accounts. Be sure that the email address you dedicate to looking for work is professional and aligns with your personal brand.

Check your spam box before emptying it. Like it or not, sometimes the spam filter on your email account can be a bit overzealous and catch anything that comes from an unfamiliar sender. Visit this folder at least once per week to check for responses to your emailed job applications that may have been marked as spam. There’s nothing worse than getting looked over for a job because you didn’t see the response in the first place!

Sign up for job alerts. Some job sites allow users to set up email alerts using keywords related to their job objectives. When you’re looking for work, save time by using this tool and by setting up Google Alerts. Simply enter keywords related to the job you desire and watch the results stream into your email once per week — or everyday — depending on your preferences.

Maintain a schedule. While you are looking for work, it’s important that you stay active and have a daily schedule and to-do list. When employers contact you to set up job interviews, they’ll want to know your availability. Make sure that you plan each week out in advance so that you don’t waste precious time figuring out when you’re free.

Use these tips to reduce clutter and be more effective while you are looking for work, and you may just impress a potential employer enough to land an interview.

What are some additional ways to stay organized while looking for work that are not mentioned above?

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