Looking for a Job? Top Websites for Job Seekers


Whether you’re currently unemployed and looking for a job, or are looking to make a career move, the approach you take when job searching can make all the difference in your results.

Once an employer makes the decision to hire new staffers — and after word begins to spread amongst employees — the Internet is the first place hiring managers turn to share open positions and find viable candidates.

With so many websites available, there’s an innumerable amount of options out there for job seekers to utilize while they’re on the hunt. But not all of them stack up. The best job search websites out there are socially powered and allow job seekers to find connections that they already have within the companies that have openings.

Here are a few of the top websites available that job seekers can use to find great job opportunities and increase their chances of getting hired. Use them as the starting points in your social job search to be more effective!

1. LinkedIn
With more than 175 million users, this professionally-oriented social media platform is an excellent place to start when you’re looking for a job. Not only does the site include job search functionality, but it notes who within your established network has connections at these companies. Use LinkedIn find openings where you have professional connections. Get recommendations from these insiders to improve the chances that hiring managers will view your submission. The best part of using LinkedIn to find job leads is that the site sends you notifications when employers view your submission, so you’re not left wondering if your credentials made it past the hiring manager’s spam filter.

2. Twitter
Though not a job board in the traditional sense, this social media powerhouse has quickly become a networking tool that’s utilized by many who are looking for a job–mostly due to its intuitive, keyword-powered search feature. Job seekers can use hashtags to participate in events like #HireFriday #ResuChat to announce they’re looking for a job and even conduct keyword searches to find opportunities. For instance, type “human resources AND hiring” into the search bar and a boatload of results featuring links to open positions. Additionally, several sites have spawned that pull results from Twitter. A great example is TweetMyJobs, which integrates user’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, generates search results from the social media space, and also allows employers to post their jobs to social media sites.

Aside from finding job postings using the search function, job seekers can use the medium to connect with industry professionals and companies they’re interested in. A simple “follow” can get the attention of a potential employer — and you can then ask them directly if they’re looking to hire with a simple @mention or direct message.

3. Facebook-powered Networks such as BeKnown, BranchOut, Talent.me
There are numerous Facebook apps for professional networking. Users simply give the app permission to access their personal information on Facebook and they can then add their friends to their professional network allowing users to find out who they’re connected with at companies with openings. These are all excellent options if you’re looking for work because they harness the power of your personal social connections to find you jobs–and allows you to then build a professional network that can be managed separately.

4. Jackalope Jobs
No post about the top websites for job seekers would be complete without a mention of our own socially powered job search board. If you’re not already familiar with it, here’s a quick rundown: Our site scours the web and the multitude of job board out there to find open positions. You have the option of logging in to one of your social networks to see whether you’re connected with anyone at the organization. Additionally, you can keep an eye on those positions that interest you by simply pressing the “watch” button.

Anyone joining any of these networks should be aware of the particular site’s notification settings. Some sites, such as send notifications to when new users from existing personal networks join. If you’re currently employed this could be problematic since you don’t want your employer to be aware that you are looking for a new job.

No matter what industry you work in, looking for a job can be a daunting task. The websites above are leaps and bounds ahead of the job search websites that merely list open positions because they give users a simple way to leverage their existing connections during the social job search.

What other websites not listed above are great tools to use in the social job search?


Summer Jobs
OCTOBER 7, 2012
Do you think Social Media has truly made a dent into the job search world? I think LinkedIn has had the most success to date. I think we are still a few years away before we see social media overtake job boards as the top job search tool.

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